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Artist Statement


I am a mixed media Maximalist drawn to the opulent and the ornate

yet cognizant of its cost.

Thru my work I invite you to consider the potential that spontaneity and beauty provides

as well as being mindful of the tragic irony and imbalance

that human nature


Sometimes WE get it right and it is to that magic

that I cling.

Why : 


Because I have to. 


Untethered I express my questions, concerns, observations and optimism about the state of the world and human condition through my work.


The chaos and integrity of Nature’s design inspires my gravitation towards the seductive audaciousness of the ornate.  


Nature creates for strength and sustainability that

humans emulate for satisfaction.


Nature is efficient, meaningful and persistent.


Human nature is extravagant, illogical and sudden.


To me this is as fascinating as it is terrifying.

What : 


Mixed media artworks that are maximalist explosions and expressions of what I find to be beautiful. 


Through an excess of color, layers, borrowed images, textures and words, I work through my personal inquiry and opinions.


I find ordinary objects and locations as curious substrates and am interested in juxtaposing chaos, contstruction and commentary in extraordinary ways.


A welcome mat

A blanket

A jacket

A tile

A scarf

A blank wall

A curtain

A book

A moment

A building


All perfectly imperfect.

How :

I paint or pen, pixelate, print and photograph.


The patterns that emerge are  fascinating as they take on a life of their own, weaving a mesmerizing tapestry of intricate complexity that I find truly beautiful.


Bold and Imperfect, 

Questioning and Optimistic.

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